On December 1986, Dr. Marye Jeffries, 11th Mid -Atlantic Regional Director, observed that there were many members in Robeson County who were inactive, due to the absence of an Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® Chapter in that area. The nearest chapter was in Fayetteville, NC, more than 45 miles away. She contacted Ruby Lennon who was active with the Zeta Pi Omega Chapter in Fayetteville, but resided in Fairmont. 

Dr. Jeffries instructed Reverend Lennon to contact the inactive members and talk with them about starting a chapter in Robeson County. Lennon contacted Edythe Brenda Hill and Anita Powell. Together, the three of them contacted fourteen others. These seventeen became active as members and in January 1989 formed an interest group called The Pastel Pearls with Ruby Lennon as the president. 

The Pastel Pearls worked diligently and tirelessly performing all of the tasks leading to the chartering. On March 11, 1990, Dr. Marye Jeffries chartered the Sigma Iota Omega chapter in Fairmont, North Carolina. The seventeen charter members of Sigma Iota Omega Chapter were: Catherine Baker, Frances M. Cummings, Pamela Davis, Kembera Dunston, Valerie Fairley, Cassandra Gaddy, Cynthia Jones Greene, Annette Harper, E. Brenda Hill, Deborah Jamison, Loretta Jones, Ruby P. Lennon, Carolyn Moore, Anita E. Powell, Lizzie Purdie, Gloria Rogers and Virginia Twitty. Ruby Lennon was the Chartering President. 

The chapter has eleven Ivies Beyond the Wall (deceased members). They are: Beulah Griffin Arnette, Ethel Pearl Ford, Mabel Bernice Floyd, Mae P. Hill Floyd, Loretta Jones, Cynthia Jones Greene, Edythe Brenda Hill, Geneva Ford Page, Anita E. Powell-McDowell, Atha Buie Staton, Pazava Hill Thompson, and Virginia Twitty.

Currently, the chapter has a membership of 54 with Pauline Campbell serving as the president.  Sigma Iota Omega chapter has three charter members, Frances M. Cummings, Cassandra Gaddy and Ruby Lennon.  The chapter has one Golden member, Frances M. Cummings and twenty-one Silver Stars; Rolanda Allison, LaShawn Ford, Cassandra Gaddy, Glenda Gerald, Sonia Hill Howard, Deborah Killens, Ruby Lennon, Eula McNeill, Glenda Melton, Mary Mims, Sheila McCree Mitchell, Hope Nichols, Velvet Nixon, Gwendolyn Roberts-Payne, Jai Robinson, Monché Simmons, Pansy Smith, Mary Stephens, Vickie Tate, H. Lassye Thacker and Gladys Young.  Rolanda Allison, Cassandra Gaddy, Glenda Gerald, Ruby Lennon & Vickie Tate are life members. 

Sigma Iota Omega Presidents
1. Ruby Lennon 1990-1991
2. E. Brenda Hill 1992-1993
3. Anita E. Powell-McDowell 1994-1995
4. Wendy Thompson 1996
5. Ruby Lennon 1997-1998
6. Angela Jones 1999-2000
7. Anita E. Powell-McDowell 2001-2003
8. Wanda K. Taylor 2004
9. Ethel Pearl Ford 2005-2007
10. Brenda Nesmith-Poinsette 2008-2009
11. Cassandra Gaddy 2010
12. Frances M. Cummings 2011-2012
13. Gwendolyn O. Roberts 2013-2016
14. Pauline H. Campbell 2017 -present